About Maniatis

Maniatis Olive Oil & Other Fine Kalamata Olive Products

Exceptional quality and authentic choice! Family grown and family owned!

Kalamata-one of the top olive producing regions is home to the Maniatis family. With abundant, intense sunlight throughout the year and perfect soil conditions, Kalamata is the gold standard for olive production. To ensure quality, the olives are picked by hand and cold pressed to deliver the best possible flavors. Due to its high content of monounsaturated fats and vitamin E, our olive oil is a great part of a healthy and well balanced diet.

Though, we work with modem energy saving means of production, we kept traditional producing methods. The fruits are pressed in modem oil mills without heating. Then, the olive oil after having rested a few days is bottled with the most modem technology to date for efficiency and quality.

The modem methods of procedure with their short time of production guarantee the best quality of our products, which derive exclusively from the region of Messinia. Thus, we are able to meet the high demands and expectations of the modem consumer. 

We are proud of our Greek family and heritage. As part of our authenticity, we are proud to be designated PDO and PGI indications. 

Protected designation of origin (PDO)   Protected geographical indication (PGI